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The advantages of our water fed pole system

Our state of the art water fed pole system allows us to safely clean windows, fascias and signs at high level from the ground, leaving them clean and streak free!

Water fed pole systems work without any harmful cleaning chemicals. Instead the system uses water which has been filtered to remove minerals and chemicals and then de-ionised.

This pure water is pumped up to the end of a telescopic pole equipped with a specially designed nylon brush head. The pure water breaks down the dirt and holds the particles in suspension.

The brush head lightly agitates the surface, loosening the dirt and speeding up the cleaning process.

Dirt and dust particles are flushed away by the constant stream of pure water, leaving windows completely streak and spot free - unlike traditional window cleaning methods which can leave a soap residue behind acting as a magnet for dirt.

This system is more expensive than traditional window cleaning methods with ladder, bucket and squeegee but we are able to charge the same price since our insurance costs are lower (due to it being safer) and because it is a quicker method we can clean more windows in a day.

The water fed pole system also keeps ladder marks off the lawn, maintains your privacy (as there is no-one on a ladder outside your upper windows) and washes your window frames too!