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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we using a Pure Water Reach & Wash system of window cleaning?

A: Window cleaning is inherently dangerous with up to 7 deaths per year, not to mention the number of serious injuries caused to people falling from ladders at height! Because of this, window cleaners must now comply with the Working at Height Regulations 2005. This is why the UK's leading window cleaning companies all use the advanced "Reach and Wash Systems"

Also, our production process of making pure water is environmentally friendly, with no additional detergents or chemicals being added to the process. Impure water containing the trace elements from the ground is re-cycled down the drains and into the reservoirs.

Will 'Reach & Wash' Pure water clean my windows as well as the old method?

A: Yes. In fact, Pure Water cleaning using water Fed pole is better than conventional methods, producing a better cleaning result, as It will not leave streaks or spotting on your glass. Neither will it leave any sticky soap residue on the glass which conventional methods do. Your windows stay and look cleaner for longer!

Why are my windows left wet and not dried off?

A: When you are having your windows cleaned using Pure water, all the trace elements contained in the tap water, known as Total Dissolved Solids or TDS, need to be removed from the water. Pure water attracts dirt like a magnet, as the water wants to return back to its conventional state. So when the windows and frames have been washed and rinsed with Pure water, no residue or dirt is left behind and the water dries naturally without leaving nasty streaks or major spotting. Below is the typical content of tap water:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluorine compounds
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Salts of: arsenic, radium, aluminium, copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, barium.
  • Hormones
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides

What difference will I notice having my windows cleaned with Pure Water?

A: If you've been having your windows cleaned traditionally, then we will need to remove any soap build up which is present on the glass from previous cleans. This is invisible to the naked eye, but as it's a sticky residue, it can cause spotting or streaks if not removed properly. Pure water cleaning will actually clean to a better standard than soap, leaving your windows cleaner for longer, as no sticky soap residue is present on the glass or frames. If you've been having your windows cleaned using a traditional method with soap, you will often see 'spotting' or streaks over the whole window following rain or showers. This is soap residue running down the windows!

Can you clean the window above my conservatory?

A: Yes. We can safely reach all windows above conservatories, including velux roof windows from the ground using our Water Fed Poles. We can also clean over obstacles such as pitched roofs making most windows accessible for cleaning. In fact, there aren't many places Water Fed Poles can't reach!

Are you reliable?

A: Yes we are very reliable. This is where most other Window Cleaners let themselves down. There's little point being business if you're unreliable! We will always clean your windows at the agreed frequency, except in extremely bad weather conditions, and we endeavour to contact ALL our clients in advance, so you know when we are coming.  

Will I need to be in when my windows are cleaned?

A: No. There's no need to be at home when we clean your windows. We always contact you in advance to advise when we intend to clean. If you're not in at the time we clean, we will put a note through your door to advise we have cleaned. As we respect your privacy, Payment can be made in various ways, without us having to call back during the evenings, giving you time to relax with your family.

Do you still clean windows in the rain?

A: Living in England, unfortunately there's no escaping the weather! Yes we still work in the light rain, unless it's a storm or snow.

Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Yes. If within 24 hours there are any problems with our workmanship, please call us and we will gladly rectify this free of charge