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Solar Panels

The efficiency of solar panels can be significantly compromised by surface dirt, but they are usually mounted in locations that are difficult to access with conventional cleaning equipment.

At MK4 Window Cleaning we use our pole fed water system to clean solar panels. Not only does this mean that we can quickly and efficiently clean the panels, but by using the pure water in our pole fed system you can be sure that no soap residue or streaking will be left to inhibit panel performance.

Prices from £45

Caravans & Rvs

Sometimes it can be just as challenging cleaning caravans and RVs as regular house windows, but their looks as well as their value can deteriorate significantly if they are allowed to become grubby or even start growing moss and mould on the roof.

At MK4 Window Cleaning we combine all our traditional and water fed pole systems to provide a complete exterior cleaning of windows, vertical surfaces and roofs.

Prices from £45